Travelogue as Allegory – Artist’s books as a modern form of the production of desire

Curator:Maja Wismer
Year: 2011
Keyword:Flyer, Invitation, Poster
Publisher:Royal Institute of Art

“A number of exhibitions with and about books have been realized in the field of contemporary art and design in the last few years. Most of these exhibitions have focused on the structural aspect of the book as object or the book as reference material. Travelogue as Allegory takes this as given and sharpens the perspective with regards to form and content. Artists’ books, publications and printed matter, which have emerged from and through travels are at the core of the exhibition Travelogue as Allegory. The two-dimensional space of book pages, choreographed by the user’s logic of turning them is especially suitable to retrace three-dimensional realities and temporarily structured events. As travelogues, photo essays, adventure stories, sci-fi novels etc. they represent and reproduce personally experienced or fictional journeys, which become articulated through the publication. Travelogue as Allegory reflects upon the connection between travelling and the artistic impulse of publishing and showing in the form of an exhibition…”