15 Years of Drawing – A Check-Up

Artist:Svenja Kreh
Year: 2015
Keyword:Artist Monograph, Artist’s Book, Drawing, Painting
Publisher:Lubok Verlag

large size artist’s book monograph for the works of Svenja Kreh. with texts by Cynthia Cruz, Kai Hölzner, Clemens Krümmel, Susanne Leeb and Wolfgang Neuhaus/ William Gibson

Svenja Kreh’s works reach deeply into the underbelly of modern art history, its colonial, imperial, ethnographic cavities, use archaic languages sans-souci. […] Hers is the work of art in the age of post-biological reproduction, an art form that tests the geometries of genetic splicing and re-pairing on recognizable remnants of the iconic age—to see what happens, to make you see what happens, to make you see this happen. (Clemens Krümmel)