Someplace in your Mouth

Artist:Beatrice Gibson, Nick Gordon
Year: 2024
Keyword:Film Titles

‘Someplace in your Mouth’ is shot in the Forum car park on the edge of Palermo. Young men sit on bouncing mopeds; cars overloaded with sub-woofers pound with base. The camera registers male posture. But it also captures moments of being together, of unspoken courtship, of physical, sonic encounters. A voiceover reads a poem by American writer Magdalena Zarawski, from which the film takes its title. The tight x stanzas, here translated into Italian, pull the listener in. Its fleshy tones and disarming syntax feels its way through the sublime, the bodily and the ecstatic. The meeting of Zarawski’s poem, images of Sicilian sub-culture and found footage of wheelies and races is both unlikely and tender; their different worlds, and forms, become strange and close. (Nick Aikens)