Savoir Faire

Artist:Milly Thompson
Year: 2009
Keyword:Advertisement, Exhibition Catalogue, Invitation, Paperback
Publisher:Focal Point Gallery
Location:London, Southend-on-Sea

“‘Savoir Faire’ will be Milly Thompson’s first regional solo exhibition in the UK. Thompson has gained a reputation for a self-deprecating approach to her work, and for a more formal aesthetic than the directly critical approach that she employed while working as a member of the group BANK in London during the 1990s. Interested in aspiration and self-consciousness, the artist’s exhibition for Focal Point Gallery references the culture of Southend and interacts directly with the physical characteristics of the gallery space, which is situated on the second floor of Southend Central Library, a classic example of early 1970s civic Modernist architecture…” (Andrew Hunt)

Catalogue design to accompany Milly Thompson’s solo show at Focal Point Gallery.
The catalogue includes 
an essay by Nicholas Cullinan and an interview with the artist by Andrew Hunt.

Catalogue photography by Mark Blower