Remnants “How you build a City”

Curator:Panel, Voices of Expereince
Year: 2022

Presented by Panel and Voices of Experience, Remnants is a free newspaper for Glasgow’s Merchant City. Now available in print!

Written and illustrated commissions from Tiffany Boyle, Morag Cross, Jade Halbert, Caitlin MacLeod, Rhona Warwick Paterson, Diane Watters, Laura Richmond and Louise Welsh and conversations between Fiona Sinclair with Mairi Laverty, Adele Patrick with Akiko Kobayashi, Kirsteen Borland with Heather Claridge and Anne Duff with Cathy Houston, pay attention to how women’s contributions have been rendered in/visible through the formation and use of urban space in Glasgow’s Merchant City and beyond.
Remnants is commissioned by Civic Room and is a part of their curated programme ‘Of Lovely Tyrants and Invisible Women’, featuring four solo exhibitions by artists, Lauren Printy Currie, Ashanti Harris, Thulani Rachia and Marija Nemčenko and a newspaper publication by Panel.