‘Performances 2006 to 2009’

Artist:Alastair MacKinven
Year: 2009
Keyword:Advertisement, Exhibition Catalogue, Installation Art, Invitation, Painting, Paperback, Performance, Screen-Print
Publisher:Focal Point Gallery
Location:London, Southend-on-Sea

“This exhibition by Alastair MacKinven will be the first presentation of the artist’s recent performance-based works. Developed over a three-year period, these actions have become an integral part of MacKinven’s visual research, which has previously focused on a critical engagement with painting as well as a number of other diverse projects. Through his performances, the artist is concerned with an investigation into the documentation of original events, by way of his staging of evidence through photography, moving image, narrative and storytelling. MacKinven — who is also known for his installations, musical activity, and as a member of the irreverent and provocative London-based collective Nang Gallery — has been using the medium of performance for only a short time, yet it has proved to be an important and direct testing ground for the artists’ challenging ideas.” (Andrew Hunt)

The catalogue was published on the occasion of Alastair Mac Kinven’s solow show at Focal Point Gallery. It has been printed in black and white, sixty-four pages, signed and numbered by the artist, with a soft cover and a screenprinted dust jacket, in an edition of 250.

Catalogue photography by Mark Blower