Out There, Not Us

Artist:Clunie Reid
Year: 2009
Keyword:Artist’s Book, Exhibition Catalogue, Paperback
Publisher:Focal Point Gallery
Location:London, Southend-on-Sea

“Are you French? Do you like Paris Hilton? Do you speak Hilton? Do you dance in Hilton’s space? 
Who have you looked at? What have you seen of Hilton? What have you touched? Has Paris touched you? 
Have you touched something of hers? What Paris is touching you? Do you torch her fire? 
Are you part of the Hilton family? Are the Hiltons part of your family? What life are you leading? 
What life is leading you? Whom do you lead astray? Do you go forward? Where do you go with time? 
Are you going forward? Is it better not going forward? What are you fed? What are you talking about? 
Who leads you on? What is your fate? Are you all satisfied with your fate? Is your life before you? 
Is your wife behind you? Do you live your wife? Are you jangling in June? Do you like to be caressed? 
Who cares for your back? Whose back do you make car tracks on? How do you track your back? 
When did you last see your back? Who are you from behind? Are you behind yourself? Is that really her?”  (Paul Buck, ‘not italics no title’, 2009)

The publication contains an extensive essay by Paul Buck on Clunie Reid’s work.

Catalogue photography by Mark Blower