Let’s Take Back Our Space

Editor:Mike Sperlinger
Year: 2010
Keyword:Advertisement, Booklet, Exhibition Catalogue, Invitation, Poster
Publisher:Focal Point Gallery
Location:London, Southend-on-Sea

“The show takes its title from an encyclopaedic photographic project by the German artist Marianne Wex. Over several years in the mid-1970s Wex, who had originally been a painter, built up an extraordinary archive of thousands of images of people, which she began to categorise according to their body language. Mixing her own street photographs with images clipped from newspapers and advertisements, she cumulatively catalogued the way that male and female identities were formed and reinforced through everyday gestures; the way, as she put it, that they ‘took up space’. Then she began to cast her net even wider, examining ancient and mediaeval sculpture for clues about the history of gendered poses. Finally, she began to ask volunteers to act out some of the most characteristic postures of both sexes for the camera. Wex combined the resulting photographs in dozens of large-scale panels, which were exhibited and also published as a book. Mixing documentary photography with collage, feminist polemic and art history, Wex sought to expose the sexual and social stereotypes that inform even our apparently most casual, personal gestures. At Focal Point Gallery, a selection from Wex’s vast archive will be shown publicly for the first time in almost three decades.” (Mike Sperlinger)

The publication documents the exhibition at Focal Point Gallery curated by Mike Sperlinger, containing work by Robert Morris, Marianne Wex and Cerith Wyn Evans. It includes texts by Mike Sperlinger, Adrian Rifkin, Marina Vishmidt and Andrew Hunt and was printed in a numbered edition of 500.