Faites le travail qu’accomplit le Soleil

Artist:Olaf Nicolai
Year: 2011
Keyword:Exhibition Catalogue, Invitation, Paperback, Visual Identity
Publisher:kestnergesellschaft, Spector Books
Location:Hannover, Leipzig
ISBN:978-3-940064-02-8, 978-3-940064-13-4

The publication “Faites le travail qu’accomplit le soleil” was published to accompany the exhibition by Olaf Nicolai at kestnergesellschaft Hanover. The publication translates the themes and the formal vocabulary of the exhibition in the space of the book: A tour of the exhibition as a comic. Essays on the work of Olaf Nicolai by Anne von der Heiden, Hans Hagen Hildebrandt, Monika Szewczyk and Marc Ries.

The Visual Identity for Olaf Nicolai’s exhibition “Faites le travail qu’accomplit le Soleil” at kestnergesellschaft Hannover comprised various applications: exhibition poster, front of house banner, invitation card and catalogue design. (11 June – 22 August, 2010)