Even Running

Artist:Judith Raum
Year: 2011
Keyword:Cultural Studies, Exhibition Catalogue, Installation Art, Painting, Paperback, Performance, Textiles
Publisher:Verlag der Universität der Künste

“The publication documents Judith Raum’s solo-shows at uqbar, Berlin and The Return, Dublin as well as includes transcript of lecture performance harmless entrepreneurs (2011), which was shown at both locations. The works presented in the exhibitions deal with modes of production and material culture within German economic imperialism in the Ottoman Empire during the early 20th century. They reveal moments of improvisation and makeshift solutions within the construction of the Baghdad Railway, a continental route of transport, which was supposed to make the resources and markets of Anatolia accessible for a variety of German businesses. The publication contains the complete lecture performance script, historical correspondences from archives in Germany and Turkey documenting the attempt of a technical and entrepreneurial instrumentalization of material and landscape carried out under the leadership of Deutsche Bank, photographic archival material as well as essays by Suhail Malik on Raum’s work revealing the interdependence between early forms of globalized trade and modern international-financial-statehood, and a reflection by Jonathan Carroll on the precariousness of form in Raum’s installations.” (Judith Raum)