Die ganze Welt ein Bauhaus

Curator:Boris Friedewald
Year: 2018
Keyword:Exhibition Graphics, ifa touring exhibition, Visual Identity
Location:Buenos Aires, Chicago

Visual Identity and exhibition graphics for ifa touring exhibition “The Whole World a Bauhaus”.

Scenography / Architecture by Studio Ilke Penzlien with Peter Kortmann and Robert Müller.

“The drawn title design emphasises an intuitive and experimental use of typography and is referencing the early Bauhaus’ expressionist influence. …”

“The theoretical approach to the exhibition architecture was guided by a critical revision of modernist exhibition displays with modular design to allow for maximum flexibility in combining the exhibiton sections. Contemporary every day materials and semifinished parts are key characteristics of the display structure, pairing themes of rationalisation, efficiency and economisation with the experimental.” (Studio Ilke Penzlien with Peter Kortmann and Robert Müller)

“The exhibition title, The Whole World a Bauhaus, taken from Bauhaus student and teacher Fritz Kuhr (1928), is in many ways programmatic. It alludes to the fact that the Bauhaus redefined the parameters of art, the crafts, and technology, when Walter Gropius declared the aim of design to include the whole spectrum of design and also social practice in every sense. The exhibition title also refers to the fact that this is a touring exhibition which will address connections and look at the role of modernism at different venues, where it will serve as a platform for learning.” (ifa press release)