Auto Ficto Reflexo

Artist:Adam Linder
Year: 2015
Keyword:Dance Performance, Flyer
Location:Berlin, Seine-Saint-Denis

Rethinking linguistic conventions with the body in focus – this is the task Adam Linder has taken on in Auto Ficto Reflexo. Inversely, he has appropriated the codified language of cultural production and mediation for his own choreographic purposes. Interviews with artists, cultural-policy rhetoric or critique become rhythmic-conceptual generators of movement in this duet that is staged through levels like a game. Together with his co-choreographer and performer Justin F. Kennedy and the sound designer and musician Adam Gunther, Linder’s choreographic form is located between movement, language and sound effecting. Taking inspiration from socialised ‘street’ dance styles such as gliding, waving or the paddy-cake, these forms that evolve body-to-body are inherently connected to current social and technological conditions: flow, fragmentation and repetition are all pathways for communication.