Aune, or On Effective Demise

Artist:Maija Timonen
Year: 2012
Keyword:Artist’s Book, Booklet, Moving Image
Publisher:Lulu.com, Self-published

“Aune is a 19th century girl confined to her bed, living under the threat of amputation. She has dreams of a park that are both premonitions of the future and the site in which its absence is played out.  An escalating sense of timelessness collapses Aune’s two realities, as her body takes on significance as a cipher of a larger process of dismemberment. A love story turns into a film about sex, death and the economy. The film is a loose adaptation of 1896 novel Aune by Finnish writer Immi Hellén.” (Maija Timonen)

Design of the booklet to accompany film “Aune, or On Effective Demise” by artist Maija Timonen.