Bilder 1998–2016

Artist:Amelie von Wulffen
Author:Amy Sillman, Bernhart Schwenk, Manfred Hermes
Editor:Amelie von Wulffen, Bernhart Schwenk, Isabel Podeschwa, Joe Scotland
Year: 2017
Keyword:Artist Monograph, Painting
Publisher:Koenig Books
Institution:Pinakothek der Moderne, Studio Voltaire

“A monograph on Amelie von Wulffen has long been overdue. For more than twenty years, the artist has been developing an oeuvre that is quite diverse in formal and stylistic terms (collages, installations, animation films, drawings, sculptures, and paintings), yet possesses a thematic consistency that is revealed in this publication. While her motifs appear to be private and personal, they manifest the problematic coming to terms with the repercussions of German (cultural) history, making her an insistent chronicler of suppression. The acid humor permeating her works spares no humanly possible abysses and is most obvious and direct in her drawings and comics. The texts of this richly illustrated monograph explore Wulffen?s contribution to the discourse on painting as well as psychoanalytical aspects, and present the painter as a role model for a younger generation of artists.” (Koenig Books)

Publication launching at upcoming show at Studio Voltaire London