A–Z/ A=A (s. Identität)

Artist:Lina Grumm
Year: 2008
Keyword:Artist’s Book, Paperback
Publisher:Spector Books

The book “A–Z/ A=A (s. Identität)” approaches the capacity of images to carry information and ideas. Images transmitting theories and constructing themes are at the book’s basis: 136 tables show motifs from a variety of sources in continuously changing constellations. A momentum of repetition, association, comparison and reference to other images and topics keeps the constellations together and shows how the perception of an image is influenced directly by its respective context. The book is further organised along 180 keywords, that are positioned at the head of each page and explained on seperate pages in alphabetical order. The keywords are not explained and defined in their general meaning, but are rather dissected into single aspects recombining their concepts mainly in the form of quotes. Words and images represent a subjective selection of themes in literature, art, theory and history. The combination of those themes forms a whole new dimension of meaning, contents are extended and mixed and thus develop their own dynamics. Image and keyword meet on a page, their combination is random. The words extend the spectrum of the image’s readability by another layer.