292 Karangahape Road

Artist:Ruth Buchanan
Year: 2024
Keyword:graphic identity, Menu, Signage
Institution:Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst
Contributor:Architectural Support Andreas Müller

This is 292 Karangahape Road. Welcome Consider the life of this cafe, redesigned every three years by artists from various contexts, this iteration is conceived by artist and Kaitohu Director of Artspace Aotearoa Ruth Buchanan. Artspace Aotearoa is a nonprofit contemporary art gallery located at 292 Karangahape Rd, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Founded in 1987 by artists and arts workers and working within a specific city context, spiralling out into national and international conversations that promote practices that present emancipatory world views. Spiral out: Leipzig. Each year their programme orbits around one central question. In 2024, Artspace Aotearoa asks: “do I need territory?” Taking this question as a point of departure for this commission, Buchanan declares the GfZK café an outpost of Artspace Aotearoa and names it after the gallery’s address. Taking this further, Artspace Aotearoa also sends colours, forms, and graphic style from their location to this site. Considering this as an exchange in motion, what is the message sent from their address to this address? Let us know.